Mission LX-3 Floorstanding Speakers - Black

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 by peter_tyson posted on Jul 02, 2020 08:16

mission lx 3 floorstanding speakers black
Mission LX-3 Floorstanding Speakers - Black This product comes with {warranty} warranty. {ShortDescription}The LX-3 floor-stander positions the tweeter between the twin mid/bass drivers in a ‘D’Appolito’ configuration, rather than above both drivers in conventional fashion, similarly to the LX1 and LX2.LX Series speakers are smart, practical and affordable, sporting a sharp, classic but modern look in keeping with Mission’s customary design focus. Above all, they communicate music with engaging energy and detail, bringing performances to life with all the vibrancy and finesse one expects of Mission speakers.While high performance mid/bass and treble units are the foundation of a great sounding speaker, if the cabinet is not properly r...
Onsale for £ 279.90 and shipping from Carlisle, Cumbria...read more on eBay...

 by 4mvdy posted on Oct 26, 2020 11:40

mission 700 2 way bookshelf stereo speakers
Mission 700 2-Way Bookshelf Stereo Speakers Very good cabinet condition with holes on the cover and slight split on the corner joints. Please check photos. Fully tested and working as it should....
Onsale for £ 69.99 and shipping from Bradford...read more on eBay...

 by kasitalare0 posted on Oct 26, 2020 20:30

mission m74
mission m74. Condition is "Used". Dispatched with Other 48h Courier....
Onsale for £ 39.43 and shipping from Gillingham...read more on eBay...

 by mjd-hifi posted on Sep 24, 2020 13:25

mission 732 bookshelf 100w
Mission 732 Bookshelf 100w . Condition is Used. Couple of scratches on wood veneer and a few cracks on the plastic cone does not effect how good they sound which is fantastic take a good look at photos as are part of description...
Onsale for £ 55.00 and shipping from Penrith...read more on eBay...

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